Cold Shrink Tubes


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TEF | Cold Shrink Tube

TEF cold shrink tubes are a series of open-ended tubular silicone/EPDM rubber sleeves, pre-expanded on a removable core for easy installation.
After the core is removed, the tube shrinks to its original diameter guaranteeing a perfect sealing on connectors.
In applications where the different cable diameter cannot be covered with the tube range, a special foam is included in the package.
The strip foam is used to increase the smaller cable diameter and assure the sealing of the clod shrink tube.

Sealing of feeder connections.
TEF offers a timesaving and easy way to secure a waterproof protection.
No tools or heating are requested for installation.
The shrinking process is done by simply unwinding the removable core.


61 2205 0013
61 2205 0014
TEF 1/2" S
61 2205 0011
TEF 1/2" C
61 2205 0012
TEF 1/2"
61 2205 0078
TEF 7/8"
61 2205 0158
TEF 1.5/8"