FIMO Group is a benchmark for the design and implementation of components and solutions for infrastructures in the telecommunications sector.

FIMO Group

90 years of passion and success, a solid and widespread international presence and attention to the future and new technologies elevate FIMO Group to a leader in the design, production and supply of accessories and solutions for telecommunications.


All the technologies proposed by FIMO are continuously supported by important investments in R&D, innovation and state-of-the-art production processes: all this guarantees always excellent product quality.

Our competence and professionalism in the telecommunications field allows us to solve even the most severe critical issues related to the installation of infrastructures.
Any kind of clamping solution, weatherproofing kits, other components, greenfield and rooftop concealing solutions, small cells design, inter-connection systems: we provide a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions to meet the various and structured needs off our customers.

Reliability, innovation and speed are the pillars on which all FIMO Group work is based. Our historical tradition and strong know-how are based on a modern vision that uses research to find the key to creating and offering increasingly revolutionary products.

Ease of use, high quality that lasts over time, efficiency and modern design are the elements that characterize and distinguish FIMO Group as a leader in its market for 90 years.

Our customers: our points of reference

Thanks to our natural predisposition towards listening and understanding our customers, FIMO Group has forged strong and lasting relationships with the major players in the telecommunications sector. We distinguish ourselves as leader for solutions and components for telecommunication.

The importance of our customers, once again, has always been the central part of the FIMO philosophy and is reflected in all areas of our company. The Individual is at the heart of the project: our customers can work on all aspects together with the Technical Department, from initial design of the piece to production.


Our mission is to support the digital development providing innovative and smart components and solutions for the mobile telecom infrastructure.


Digitalization is shaping the world.

We want to be at the heart of this change, making our competence available for every player in the ecosystem.

Passion, enthusiasm, positivity, respect for the individuals and for the world we live in, are our guiding principles.

Today, tomorrow, forever.

Our people...our strength

Human resources are the real starting point for the development of our processes. The skills of FIMO Group personnel are the key elements to always ensuring high quality solutions and services to all our customers.

We believe in people. In their value, and in their strength. For this reason, FIMO Group considers its workers the most precious asset of the company and recognizes human resource management as an activity of fundamental importance.
Our team of specialized operators and professionals is made up of people with great technical experience combined with remarkable communication skills.
The quality of the final result, and therefore of our products, starts from there. From the mindset of the company, which puts the Individual at the center of everything it does.
For us in FIMO Group, enthusiasm and passion guide our daily work, making us a benchmark for components and solutions in the telecommunications sector.

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