A FIMO Tower installation at Le Vésinet (France) goes on TV!

When art and Fimo Tower’s technique join forces to achieve a spectacular antenna camouflage:

The town of Le Vésinet had a unique challenge on its hands – integrating the telecom equipment of three operators within the iconic Water Tower, nestled in the heart of a residential neighborhood in western Paris.

FIMO Tower was honored to step in and collaborate closely with the local architect and operator representatives to find a tailor-made solution. Our collaborative efforts were centered around ensuring secure collective maintenance access (say goodbye to nacelle usage and limiting reliefs due to access hatches) while respecting the aesthetic guidelines for shape and color outlined in the project specifications.

The result? We designed and implemented a peripheral walkway, accessible from within the Water Tower.
Thanks to the artist and his titanic fresco painted on top, the project blends perfectly into its surroundings, much to the delight of local residents.

This project shows our commitment to innovation and problem-solving in the telecom infrastructure world. We're proud to have played a part in enhancing the connectivity within this lovely town.

A big shoutout to our talented team, the architect, the artist, and the operators for their dedication and collaboration in making this project a reality.