Flexible Twistable Waveguides


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FTG | Flexible Twistable Waveguides

Fimo Flexible and twistable waveguides FTG are designed to be used in microwave applications as link in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint digital radio links, and are available in the frequency range from 5.38 to 40.1 Ghz.

Fimo Flexible and twistable waveguides FTG are manufactured assembling an inner core with two connection flanges. The inner core is realized in silver coated brass and assembled with flanges by braze welding. Flange production is carried out on machining centers from brass semi-finished parts. The inner core is covered with a protective silicon outer jacket. For higher protection and to reduce as much as possible any wind resistance, the outer jackets for waveguides below R200 have a circular shape. The outer jacket guarantees the resistance up to a pressure of 400 mbar in pressurized waveguides.

Standard lengths for Fimo FTG waveguides are 600, 1000 and 1200 mm. Other lengths are available upon request.

Fimo FTG waveguides guarantee excellent electrical and mechanical performance. Each waveguide is tested after manufacturing and is delivered with the technical documentation that certifies mechanical and electrical specifications. Each waveguide is packed in a single box, containing also the connection kit for flanges. The connection kit is composed by AISI 303 stainless steel screws, nuts and elastic washers, and rubber gasket (when requested).

A complete set of Shims is available for the installation of each flange with gasket, when the configuration of the flange at other end is unknown. The Shims are a set of AISI 301 stainless steel blades (thickness 0.20 mm), used for coupling two flanges with a gasket groove each. The Shim interposed between the flanges allows the use of two gaskets.


81 0070 06XY
FTG 70/600
81 0070 10XY
FTG 70/1000
81 0070 12XY
FTG 70/1200
81 0084 06XY
FTG 84/600
81 0084 10XY
FTG 84/1000
81 0084 12XY
FTG 84/1200
81 0100 06XY
FTG 100/600
81 0100 10XY
FTG 100/1000
81 0100 12XY
FTG 100/1200
81 0120 06XY
FTG 120/600
81 0120 10XY
FTG 120/1000
81 0120 12XY
FTG 120/1200
81 0140 06XY
FTG 140/600
81 0140 10XY
FTG 140/1000
81 0140 12XY
FTG 140/1200
81 0220 06XY
FTG 220/600
81 0220 10XY
FTG 220/1000
81 0220 12XY
FTG 220/1200
81 0320 06XY
FTG 320/600
81 0320 10XY
FTG 320/1000