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SIC H | Quick Fixing Collars For Cables & Tubes

Sales in North America through ConcealFab

The SIC H quick cable fasteners have the shape of a square collar.
Consisting of a stainless-steel body and a plastic fastening system, they are characterized by an elastic structure.

In this way, they can be easily spread out at the base, on which the plastic hooked feet are attached.
First plugged into cables or pipes, they are then inserted into 19 mm (3/4") holes in specific dedicated structures.
The collars have two shaped fins on the sides facing the inside, so as to securely but elastically hold the installed cable. The upper side of the square collars has a hole to accommodate other similar collars.

SIC H quick cable fasteners are quickly and easily applied on special profiles with holes diam. 19 mm, as well as on adapters specifically designed to be applied to structures of all kinds, such as flat irons, angles and commercial C-profiles. Quick assembly is performed in any case without the help of any tools.
The plastic feet make possible to electrically insulate the cable clamp from the structure on which they are fixed or from another SIC H cable clamp (when stacked together).

The product thus created, allows to significantly reduce the phenomenon of passive intermodulation (PIM).

Technical features:

  • Monobloc steel body + plastic feet
  • Simple, robust and elastic structure
  • Hand-applied, fast, tool-free
  • Possibility of overlap several collars, even of different sizes
  • Soft and elastic hold of the cables
  • Ideal for reducing passive intermodulation PIM


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