Supporting the sustainable development of the world’s Telecom Infrastructure.

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FIMO® Group’s solutions

The solutions proposed by the Fimo Group are conceived, designed and implemented with the aim of efficiently supporting the development of telecommunications infrastructures in the world and contributing to connecting the world of communications with the community. We are cable fixing specialists.

FIMO® Group’s values

Eighty years of passion and success, a solid and widespread international presence and attention to the future and new technologies. All these special traits make the Fimo Group a leader in the field of cable fixings and in the design and supply of cutting-edge solutions in the telecommunications sector.

In a constantly evolving market such as ours, the Fimo Group is committed to always providing tailor-made products and providing innovative and quality know-how.


Among the most distinguishing features of the Group: reliability.
The solidity of our company is known all over the world and is our true calling card.


Every day, we pursue innovation in everything we do.
The future already lives in our present.


For us, speed is synonymous with simplicity and therefore efficiency.
We design and build telecommunications solutions that are easy to install and, if necessary, replace, thanks to the small but indispensable improvements made based on our experience gained in the field over the years.