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SRR | Round Reduction Cushions for a wide range of cables’ diameters

SRR round reduction cushions allow a safe fixing of coaxial, fiber optic and power cables with a wide range of diameters.
They consist of two hinged half cushions with an innovative internal structure designed to be easily shaped around cables with a wide range of diameters.
SRR round cushions guarantees a secure locking of cables, protecting cable and its jacket.

Two cushions are covering the entire diameter’s range (4-32 mm / .157 -1.260 inches) of fiber optic and power cables.
SRR round reduction cushions can be combined either with SIC snap-in cable clamps or with SEB calibrated double saddles.


61 4014 0028
SRR 2 (4-16)
60 4014 0050
SRR 4 (16-32)