NATE UNITE 2019: Fimo and Concealfab launched the new hybrid snap-in: a breakthrough for PIM mitigation.

PIM mitigation has increasingly become one of the trend topics in carriers and mobile telecom players. ConcealFab has launched a new PIM Shield™ line, completely focussed on PIM mitigation. The star of this line is the new hybrid snap-in, co-designed by ConcealFab and Fimo, which is being launched by ConcealFab in the US market. The merge of PIM deep competence of ConcealFab, together with the proven design expertise of Fimo technical team, has been the beginning of an exciting journey. Exhibiting this new product at NATE UNITE has been a milestone in this process. Many customers have visited Fimo USA booth and they were all enthusiastic about the new solution.

A special thanks to Tom Bell, Curt Tuttle, Angelo Radaelli and Alberto Varale for the brilliant work done. Ideas, teamwork, positive energy and business sense is what counts!!!