Successful camouflage in Getigne (France)!

Perfect camouflage of antennas at the top of a church in Getigne (France)!

Our recent FIMO Rooftop installation on a historic church smoothly concealed antennas with precision, replacing the two church finial and adding a new one to the roof.
Overcoming the challenge of crafting the specific molds, we collaborated with a skilled decorator to paint the three composite spire, to ensure a seamless match with the existing structure.

The result? Three composite spires that not only serves their functional purpose but also blends harmoniously with the church's aesthetic, resembling a natural part of the original design.

This successful challenge taken up by our teams to satisfy our customers' needs in roofing solutions is also preserving the charm and heritage of our architectural landmarks.

Stay tuned for more updates on our FIMO Rooftop projects!