Radiating Cable Clamps


Fields of application



RAC | Cable Clamps for Radiating Cables

RAC cable clamps are used for the installation of radiating cables in tunnels.
RAC clamps may be installed with or without spacers.
RAC cable clamps are designed with two clips coupled to a central snap-in cap.
The two clips allow a quick insertion of the cable, while the central snap-in cap assures the final locking.
RAC Cable Clamps are designed also for installatons in high speed railway tulle applications (up to 350 km/h).


61 5000 0012
RAC 1/2”
61 5000 0058
RAC 5/8”
61 5000 0078
RAC 7/8”
61 5000 0114
RAC 1.1/4”
61 5000 0158
RAC 1.5/8”